Amazing natural scenery in North America through Best 10 sceneries (Part 1)

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North America is also known as the “New World” when European explorers discovered the continent in the late 15th century, where it had the world’s most attractive tourist and leisure destinations, million international tourists.

This continent with 23 countries and dozens of small territories and islands with the world’s most spectacular natural scenery and unique cultures – worth to experience once in your life!

#1. Cypres Tree Tunnel, California

So many people loving to take fabulous photos here. This Cypress Tree Tunnel is one of those secret photo stops that make road trips so fun and interesting, it offers a beautiful place for a photos and makes for some interesting exploring. If you’re looking for things to do along the Northern California, this might be a good option for you

#2.  Athabasca waterfall, Canada

If you really love nature scenery with rock, pure water & green trees, Athabasca fall is a good place. You can enjoy fresh air and throw your mind into the sound of water when flowing from the fall

# 3. Emerald Lake Lodge, Canada

If you want to avoid modern life you can come here. The historical lodge offers a true escape from the hectic pace of modern life – There are no televisions and no internet access in any of the rooms.  There is no mobile phone reception in the entire area of Yoho National Park.

The name of gemstone Emerald refer to the color of water here. It’s so beautiful & peaceful.

# 4. Peyto Lake , Canada

This is fantatic view with rocky moutain, with blue glacier-fed lake, located about 40 km (25 mi) north of Lake Louise in Banff National Park. The most notable about this place is that throughout the summer months, glacier rock flour flows into the lake, which gives the water its breathtaking colour.

# 5. Antelope Canyon, Arizona


# 6. Mountain of Courthouse Mountain, Colorado


This is a good scenery where sky & valley are met. It’s a wise option for hiking & camping.

#7. Glacier Point Yosemite, California


#8. Horseshoe Bend, Arizona


Horseshoe Bend has been considered with beauty at any time of day: morning, afternoon.. And this special place get more visitors to come with special feature from its shape.

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