Beautiful Alaska via nature photos

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Alaska is the largest state, but has the least population of the United States. This means that there are plenty of open and wild spaces. Despite this, there are also cities, and are also favored with rich and quality nature.

Here are a series of 21 photos that can inspire you to take a trip to this cold, year-round state.

Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska with a skyline set by majestic snow-capped mountains.


Anchorage, Alaska, USA (Photo: Rocky Grimes / Shutterstock)

If you come here in March, you will definitely see the opening ceremony of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

Dog race in Alaska

In Alaska, you can see the vast, uninhabited lands, where there is a bit of a desert, even if you are in a city. From Anchorage, you can easily drive to Lake Eklutna, an ideal spot for Kayaking.

Lake Eklutna. (Photo: Paul Schenk Photography / Shutterstock)

If you choose to travel to Alaska in the winter, make a northbound trip to the Alyeska resort, the only large ski resort in the state.


Alyeska resort. (Photo: RoschetzkyProductions / Shutterstock)

Reward yourself with delicious salmon. Here’s a picture of salmon, a favorite dish from the local Anchorage community of Glacire Brewhouse.

Red Salmon – A specialty of Glacier Brewhouse in Anchorage. (Photo: Michael S / Yelp)

If you are curious to know where the salmon come from, take a trip to Katmai National Park, where you can see brown bears fishing on the Brooks River.

Brown bear is catching fish on Brooks River. Photo: Gleb Tarro / Shutterstock

Brown bear is not the only wildlife living in Alaska. If you continue to move up North of Kenai Fjords National Park, you will catch cute sea lions.


Sea lions are sunbaking in Kenai Fjords National Park. Photo: Tony Campbell / Shutterstock
… and even the old seal seals.

A funny old penguin at Kenai Fjords National Park. (Photo: zzvision / iStock)

When visiting the park, you should not miss the opportunity to explore the spectacular, glorious Exit Glacier.

Exit glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park. Photo: Sean Lema / Shutterstock

There are scattered glaciers throughout the state. Visitors are fascinated by the glorious scenery of Glacier Bay and the rich wildlife of the bay, so this is a regular stop for cruise ships.

A cruise ship is passing through Glacier Bay. Photo: lembi / Shutterstock

Water travel is a lucrative option because not only do you enjoy the glaciers, but you also face the humpback whale swimming in Alaskan waters.

Whale bumps up from the water (Photo: vladsilver / iStock)

The ancient city is bordered by the Inside Passage, a place that seems to be always on the cruise liners of the cruise ships. Coming to this place, you will be overwhelmed by colorful brightly colored streets or high wooden columns engraving or drawing a series of American Indo-American totem poles all over the city.

Sidewalk walk on the Ketchikan boardwalk. (Photo: Sorin Colac / Shutterstock)

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