Explore Natural & Spectacular Scenery Beauty in Norway

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Norway is a beautiful country with glorious mountains and glaciers, an ideal location for all travelers around the world.
Norway with impressive natural scenery makes this country one of the favorite places of visitors. In particular, the aurora and the sun in summer will make you quickly put this place on your travel list.

Norway is also known as “The land where the sun rises at midnight” – is because the sun never really dives under the horizon, especially in the summer.

This Scandinavian country usually has 20 hours of sunlight, but when winter arrives, the night time is longer. And even at night or during the day, the nature is still picturesque.

Lofoten, an archipelago in Norway, is famous for its beaches, undeveloped lands and bays.


Aurora makes Norway a very magical place …

Aurora Norway

Norway beauty

Northern Aurora in the sky above Hammerfest.

visit norway-hammerfest-northern-lights

The waves fluttered after a storm in Norway.

sea in norway

One of the things that make up the uniqueness of Norway is the vibrant village of fio.


The day does not seem to end in Norway in the summer.

norway-with never ending day in summer

Alesund is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Norway.


The Atlantic Ocean in Norway is a seemingly dangerous road but one of the best views you can admire in life.


Reine fishing village is considered to be the most beautiful place in this country.



Trolltunga is one of the most famous stones in Norway, located 700m above the lake. From here you can admire the beautiful view of the Ringedalsvatnet lake in the Skjeggedal region with its blue color and winding through the extremely poetic mountains.
This is one of the favorite destinations of nature lovers.


Troll Wall is the highest mountain in Europe and has the longest climbing route on the continent.



Vigeland sculpture park is covered in snow, creating a spectacular landscape.


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