Taste the beauty of Europe’s highest mountain railway

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Running on a 65 meter high track in the Alps, the Bernina’s red wagon carries a striking color between the snow covered white spaces.

The Bernina passenger train, which connects Chur in eastern Switzerland to Tirano in northern Italy, is the highest railway in Europe running through the Alps. The highest point in the route is at the Ospizio Bernina station in Switzerland, 2,253m above sea level.

Situated at an altitude of 65 meters in the Alps, the red wagons stand out on the pure white snow surface

The ship is supposed to link Chur in eastern Switzerland to Tirano in northern Italy. Photo taken in the Albuna Valley, Graub√ľnden

The ship emerged like a flaming red flame

The photo was taken at the Schmittentobel Viaduct, Schmitten


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