The beautiful houses in the villages of Europe are covered with flowers all the way

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Not only carrying in the gentle beauty, classic, the houses in the beautiful villages of this world also make you love at first sight because of the sweet, fresh flowers in every corner … Beautiful houses in villages covered with flowers all the way

Please take a walk with us to admire the stunning beauty of the houses in these flower villages!

1. Hallstatt – Austria

Located in the north of Austria, by the beautiful lake and surrounded by misty Alps, Hallstatt city is considered a heritage village, a “gemstone” of Austria. With wooden houses leaning against the hillside, church towers and ancient inns reflecting on the clear blue lake, plus countless flowers, Hallstatt seems to step out of the fairy tale.


Over time, Hallstatt still brings with itself the charming beauty like Middle Ages. From old-style brick-walled houses, narrow but poetic streets, spreading trees that are wide enough for walkways and balconies with fresh flowers for owners who cultivate and care for them every day …

Hallstatt village

Hallstatt village 2

Hallstatt corner

2. Giethoorn – Netherlands

Giethoorn is a famous village as the “Venice of the South” with 7.5km canal. Located in Overijssel province, Netherlands, Giethoorn has no roads, all forms of transportation are mainly by waterway, through canals. Not only unique by floating in the middle of the vast clear water, the houses in Giethoorn are also likened to a vivid painting thanks to the vibrant, fragrant flowers.












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