Top 10 safest countries in the world that deserve to live & travel to

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Only safe social environments give you the best travel experience. Global Finance magazine published “The ranking of the safest countries in the world in 2019” with the core focus is: stability.

In this year’s list, Nordic countries continue to take the top spot.

  1. Iceland

Iceland is located at the intersection of the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean, is an island with a temperate climate, beautiful scenery. Iceland is ranked as the safest country in the world.

Iceland’s area is not large, but this place has a very fanciful natural scenery. Vatnajokull National Park is the largest national park in Iceland. Here, visitors can admire glaciers, volcanoes, forests, waterfalls …, all landscapes are completely natural.


Not only the glacier, Iceland is also an island of hot springs. Blue Lagoon is Iceland’s famous hot spring lake, the lake water is blue, the lake is covered with mist making visitors completely immersed in the landscape here.

2. Switzerland
As the only neutral country in the world, it is not surprising that Switzerland ranks high on this list.

Switzerland has an area of less than 50,000 km2 with a population of just over 8.5 million people. The stable society in this country makes many international organizations place their headquarters here.

Jungfrau is Switzerland’s most famous mountain

Jungfrau is Switzerland’s most famous mountain and also one of the highest peaks in the Alps. The year-round Jungfrau peak is covered with snow, when we step on the observatory, we will feel the snow landscape completely natural.

3. Finland
Finland is considered the hometown of Santa Claus, Santa’s village is also located here.

4. Portugal
Portugal is located in southwestern Europe, adjacent to Spain.

Cabo da Roca is the famous cliff of Portugal, when standing on the top of this cliff will see the front of the eyes is the endless Atlantic Ocean. It has a cross on it that says: the end of the mainland, the beginning of the sea.

5. Austria
Austria’s capital Vienna is known as the “Music Capital of the World” with a famous global music scene.

Schönbrunn Palace

Austria has many famous landscapes such as the Schönbrunn Palace just behind the French Palace of Versailles, and the Golden Auditorium at the Wiener Musikverein theater where the “Vienna New Year Concert” is held each year.

6. Norway
During Viking piracy, Norway was a dangerous land covered in blizzards. Now, Norway has become one of the happiest countries in the world.

7. Qatar
Qatar Middle East country is located in the Arabian Peninsula, this is the world famous oil and gas exporter.

Qatar’s tourism resources are not considered rich, mainly Islamic mosques and duty-free shops.

8. Singapore
Singapore is the only Asian country to reach the top of this ranking, social security here is also at the top of Asia.


9. Denmark
Denmark is an extremely suitable place to relax with romantic houses by the river.

When rowing along the canals, watching the colorful houses on the banks, feeling the sun shining on the river, visitors can admire this beautiful scenery.

The guest house is on the edge of Lake Copenhagen

10. New Zealand
New Zealand is a quiet natural island located in the South Pacific.

Lake Tekapo is located in the middle of Christchurch city and Queenstown of New Zealand is dark blue like a crystal crystal between heaven and earth.

flower lupin
Lupin flower on the side of Tekapo lake

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