Top 7 ideal cities for biking tours

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Bicycles are the means of transport for most people in European countries because of its convenience and friendliness to the environment. According to a survey of travelers who prefer to travel by bike, Top best 7 cities below converge the best roads, terrain, and landscapes for cycling. Please join us to explore best cittíe for biking tour!

Copenhagen, Denmark

cities for biking

The capital of the fairyland Andersen is considered a paradise for cyclists. Copenhagen has been selected by the International Cycling Association (UCI) as the “Bicycle City” in the world for the period 2008-2011. In the country that is considered to be the happiest in the world, bicycles play an important role in the daily lives of people: go to work, go to markets, go to school, pick up children, even entertaining. Danish people see bicycles as the most convenient way to travel, so the rules are given in favor of bicycles over other vehicles.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Any visitors ever been to Amsterdam would say, “This is the city of bicycles!” Anywhere you can see the regular presence of bicycles. Vehicles on the canal, car in front of the restaurant,… Adults, old people, children … are cyclists, even pets are also carried on the bike. The safe and convenient road network that government support, and bicycling culture blur the social gap, which is why more than 40% of Amsterdam residents travel by bicycle. Today Dutch Style Bikes have been become popular in all over the world.

Utrecht, Netherlands

The city of Utrecht has its own charm and is known as Venice. In the Netherlands, more than 60% of people travel by bicycle. Like other cities in the Netherlands, Utrecht encourages people to ride bicycles and public transport. USN CNN in August 2015 ranked Utrecht as the most friendly city with bicycle discovery services compared to other cities in the world.

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg has long been a famous cycling city in France. Many generations of city leaders have planned and pursued bicycles as a major means of transportation. The city has 536 km of bicycling roads, around the supermarkets and scattered everywhere there is a car rental, with all kinds from children to adults.

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Cycling in Eindhoven is a pleasant activity, and is becoming more and more enjoyable. This city has had a lot of difficulties in cycling, from wide roads, cars, old traffic lights, uneven bike paths, lack of parking space … However, these problems are The city step by step overcome, with the aim of bringing the bike into the main vehicle. Eindhoven is now considered one of the world’s most biker-friendly cities.

Malmo, Sweden

This beautiful city of Sweden has resolutely pursued the policy of encouraging the use of bicycles in urban environments. Much of the infrastructure, such as parking lots, was built by Malmo throughout the city, facilitating the use of bicycles.

Nantes, France

With a clear policy, investing heavily in bicycle infrastructure, Nantes is considered one of the ideal cities to switch to using this environmentally-friendly vehicle. The city has adopted a number of measures to encourage people to bike, with many of the main roads no longer car-like, with numerous bike-friendly streets.

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