Traveling all over the Amazon jungle

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Enjoy the beauty of “the world’s most beautiful nature museum”

Amazon Rainforest acrosses nine nations in South America, including Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia. , Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. With a total surface area of up to 7 million square kilometers, Amazon is known as the “green lung” largest planet.

The brightly colored Macaw parrot bristle brushes the wings of the Amazon forest.

Aside from its mission of making “air-conditioners” for more than 7 billion people on Earth, the Amazon’s longest Amazon rainforest and the world’s largest flow of water is the “living paradise” of flora and fauna extremely rare and beautiful.

San Rafael waterfall

You must strong passion to crept into the jungle Amazon, you can see firsthand the look of paradise full of wild like the scene of sunshine through the thin fog like this.

The image of Tupi stork with bright red feathers is like the deep green space of the forest.
Amazon owns more than a tenth of the Earth’s fauna and flora, including about 2.5 million species of insects, tens of thousands of plant species (40,000 species) and nearly 5,000 birds, fish, reptiles and Mammals live. This is an image of the reptile called the Dragon, which is known as “Godzilla” by Amazon.

The giant green python in South America is considered to be a giant cell of trees, which if not careful you can stumble on them like playing.

The misty misty landscape of the river flows along the greenery of South America.

And here is mokeys in Amazon

Let’s see the Wild Boy in the Amazon Toucan suit, the photographer is “attached” especially the eyes of the boy. A kind of nostalgia for an almost extinct generation in the ancient Kotococha tribe.

Amazon is not only pristine forest, not only the meandering river with more than 1,000 tributaries to the sea, but also fascinated by ancient legendary colors of the tribes who lived here and mysterious stories. full of enchanting listeners. Indigenous people here, you must absolutely keep quiet when going through the Cochaconga lagoon, otherwise will encounter bad things.

Sunset at Amazon is romantic but no less “gnarled gnarled”, because there are always giant crocodiles floating on the water.

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